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CBD Menu of Services 

The Anxiety Treatment 

Allow our CBD treatments to envelope you in relaxation. We are now offering a variety of treatments just to calm the mind and allow you to fully relax. All of these treatments start with an oral tincture that will work quickly to relax the mind and body. During each service we use soothing lavender oil to create a mind body experience of calm. Choose from any of the treatments bellow to improve your state of mind

  • CBD Seaweed and Lavender Body Treatment ~ $150
  • CBD and Lavender Calming Facial ~ $70
  • CBD and Lavender Back Facial ~ $80
  • CBD and Lavender Restful Massage ~ $70
  • CBD and Lavender Hot Stone Massage ~ $80
  • CBD and Lavender Body Scrub ~ $70


The Pain Relief Treatment 

Suffering from pain, soreness, arthritis or tight muscles these CBD services may be right for you. All of these treatments start with an oral CBD tincture to work quickly to alleviate pain and swelling quickly.  CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory properties to relax muscles relive tension. Choose from any of the treatments below to treat your pain.

  • CBD and Menthol Body Treatment ~ $150
  • CBD Acupressure Facial ~ $70 
  • CBD and Menthol Back Facial ~ $80
  • CBD and Menthol Massage ~ $70
  • CBD and Menthol Hot Stone Massage ~$80


The Acne and Psoriasis Treatment

Acne and Psoriasis can be improved with CBD because of its anti-inflammatory properties as well its anti-microbial properties. All these treatments start with an oral CBD tincture to start treating inflammation internally and a full CBD skincare line is used to to soothe and hydrate the skin as well as kill acne causing bacteria.

  • CBD Acne and Psoriasis Facial ~$70
  • CBD Acne and Psoriasis Back Facial ~$80